Here are the answers to the questions we most frequently receive.

“Do you sell this doll?”

Thank you for your interest, but the answer is “no“. We do not buy nor sell items.

“Will you buy my doll?”

We appreciate the offer, but the answer is “no“.
The purpose of this site is only to provide information. We do not buy nor sell items.

“Will you sell my doll?”

We thank you for the vote of confidence, but the answer is “no“.
Our only concern is gathering information for this database. We do not buy nor sell items.

“How can I sell my doll?”

Please read our guide on “Selling your Barbie doll“.

“The doll I have isn’t here. Will you help me valuate it?”

First, please be sure to give our search form a thorough try – look into each search field and what it can do.

Then, if you are still absolutely sure that we do not have your item in our database, please use our contact form to send us an enquiry.
In your message, please include as many details as possible – at the very least, we need its number (MPN or UPC) and year of production.

If you follow the above guidelines, rest assured we’ll do our best to find your item and provide you its information within a reasonable time.

“Will you help me identify my doll?”

We’re already working on a guide for this. Be sure to visit us again soon.

“My question isn’t here!”

Keep calm and send us a message. 🙂

“Why haven’t you replied to my message?”

We always try to reply as quickly as possible – usually within 48 hours – but we receive much email every day.

So, while we do our best to give due attention to each and every message, we tend to give less priority to these situations:

  • The requested information is easily findable through the search form.
  • The question is answered in our FAQ. (This very page.)
  • The message was uncourteous, inappropriate, or rude.

That said, it may just be that we haven’t yet had the time to look into your enquiry – or maybe some malfunction caused the email to be lost.

Please give us a couple of days. If you haven’t heard from us after 48 hours, do feel free to send us another message.

Thank you for your patience.