The Addams Family Giftset

The Addams Family Gift Set features Morticia and Gomez.

Morticia is wearing a long-sleeve black gown with chiffon flares. She has long and sleek black hair and white, pale skin. She puts on red lipstick and green eye shadow, matching her green eyes. Accessories-wise, she wears a necklace of gold chain with a red pendant and a matching ring. To complete the eerie look, she puts on black gothic shoes and red nail polish.

Gomez wears a black and white pinstripe suit featuring a double-breasted design, a dapper golden chain, and a black tie with a white shirt. His skin is warm beige with a black moustache and brown eyes. He styled his black hair in a tidy, back-slick style.

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Last checked on 2 February 2023.