Barbie & Ken Wedding Fantasy Gift Set

Barbie is in a white wedding gown with lace layered on the skirt, sleeves, and collar. There’s a white ribbon accent on her front waist. She puts on a matching white ribbon headpiece with a sheer veil on her long white blonde hair. Her skin is warm beige, and she puts on pink lipstick and light blue eye shadow matching her blue eyes. To finish off the wedding look, she wears a pearly white necklace and earrings, along with a white rose accent on her wrist.

As for Ken, he wears a full-body white tuxedo with lace embellished along the collar. There’s a bow tie and metallic button links. He styled his black hair in a slick-back hairstyle. Ken has tan skin and blue eyes. Lastly, he puts on white shoes to finish off his outfit.

The gift set comes with a white hair brush, a three-tier white wedding cake with a rose decoration, and their wedding photo miniatures. There’s also a set of pink wedding cutlery and plate sets.

Value (USD):
Last checked on 2 February 2023.