Teacher Barbie

Teacher Barbie

In this doll set, Barbie is dressed as a teacher. She wears a white-collar shirt, with a black pinafore that has colourful alphabets and rulers prints. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are hazel green. Her warm beige skin is painted with light makeup and red lipstick. She also puts on a red tie and small white earrings.

There is one girl and one boy as students.
The girl has a white shirt and red checkered pants. Her brown hair is tied into bunches. The boy is wearing a white shirt and blue checkered shorts. His hair is black.

The set also comes with a yellow chalkboard, chalk, duster, clock, three different teaching lessons, a study table and much more.

Barbie can say two things: “Great Job” or “Try it again”. The chalkboard ensemble can make three noises: clock, school bell, and pencil sharpener.

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Last checked on 7 February 2023.