Barbie Sisters Safari Fun Barbie and Stacie Doll 2-Pack


Join Barbie and Stacie dolls, along with their new elephant pal, as they get wild! Dressed in adventuresome animal looks of their own, these sisters are as likely to get as much attention on safari as the mane attractions. Barbie and Stacie dolls are stylishly dressed in coordinated outfit with animal-print tops and pink shorts. UPC: 74677530079

Mattel, Barbie: BDG25
NOTE: The Barbie Value or Price Guide is based on the doll being NRFB (Never Removed From Box) in perfect condition. Dents, Tears, Folds, Plastic Cut reduce the value of the doll. The Barbie collector value is also reduced if it has be displayed or played with. Take these into consideration when using the barbie price guide values shown.
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