Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid Doll With 7 Unboxing Surprises

Take off the outer layer of packaging to begin the reveal experience. Once inside, you’ll find a mermaid doll complete with four embellished bags that contain hidden goodies and a rainbow-printed, metallic sea blue color reveal outfit from head to toe! Discover the appearance by pulling out the doll; each one has colourful, long hair and a uniquely designed tail, representing a distinct hue of the rainbow! Keep an eye out for the uncommon Color Reveal Ken Merman doll, who looks stunning with his silver hair! Unwrap the four mystery bags to uncover their contents: a seashell spongecomb, crown, wrist cuffs, and a soft fin to fasten to the mermaid tail. After the play, put everything back in the tube!

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Last checked on 1 January 1970.