40 Jahre “Das Spielzeug” G. Pallendorf 1957-1997 Fashion Dreams Teresa

40 Jahre "Das Spielzeug" G. Pallendorf 1957-1997 Fashion Dreams Barbie

Teresa is wearing a 1957 fashion styled golden suit – a loose long-top with a white satin collar and cuffs, paired with a matching ankle-length gold skirt. She wears a white strapless top underneath. She also wears gloves, button-styled earrings, and a pearl necklace – all in white. She puts on a gold and white wide-twist headband on her long, wavy, black hair. Her beige skin is painted lightly with pink lipstick and her eyes are brown. She’s holding a white leather tote bag and a Das Spielzeug shopping bag. She also has a wristband that shows “Fashion Dreams by E. Stelzer”, with its serial number (e.g. #76/100) on the flip side. The doll comes with a doll stand, hairbrush, and white, closed-toe, high-heeled shoes.

Limited edition of 100 dolls sold only in Austria.

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Last checked on 25 April 2022.